Morning Fuel – Berry Bowl

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Vegan, nutrient rich breakfast substitute with chia and red berry flavour.

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Soy free


Macro-nutrient sources

Alpha Foods have always been based on purely plant-based macros that are naturally rich in nutrients but free of typical anti-nutrients and impurities.

<p>Wild oats (milled)

Wild oats (milled)

<p>Rolled oats

Rolled oats



<p>Chia seeds

Chia seeds

Micro-nutrient sources

Raw vegan ingredients of highest quality that are sustainably freeze-dried on site in order to preserve their unique and naturally harmonious nutrient profile.

<p>Acai berry

Acai berry







<p>Sweet cherry

Sweet cherry



More information about this product
2 x
150 ml

Mix 2 scoops (50 g powder) with 150 ml of a heated beverage of your choice or heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. The bowl tastes really good with plant-based nut, soy or oat milk. Also water works great, especially if you want to minimize your calorie intake.

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Nutritional information
10 portions per container
Serving size
2 Scoops (50 g)
per portion
3,7 g
of which saturated fatty acids
0,6 g
34 g
of which sugar
13 g
Dietary fibers
4,0 g
4,4 g
0,13 g


Questions & answers

Morning Fuel – Berry Bowl
Can I also combine Morning Fuel with other powders?
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You can - in fact, there's nothing that can not be combined with this versatile powder. You can supplement Morning Fuel with extra protein powder (we think in particular vanilla or the neutral flavour are a good match) or add further nutrients with an additional spoonful of “Green Mother”.

What does Morning Fuel Berry Bowl taste like?
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Morning Fuel Berry Bowl impresses the taste buds with its naturally mild and fruity-sweet flavour made from a mix of the most popular red berries on our planet.

Are there any safety precautions?
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Increased caffeine content (40mg per serving). Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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Morning Fuel – Berry Bowl

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Vegan, nutrient rich breakfast substitute with chia and red berry flavour.

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