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Vegan Protein Powder – White Chocolate Macadamia

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Plant-based protein powder with a macadamia and white chocolate flavour & pure, natural ingredients.

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Each portion contains
Plant-based protein sources

Alpha Foods protein is based on a variety of germinated seeds and beans for a complete protein profile and high bioavailability.

<p>Sprouted pea protein

Sprouted pea protein

<p>Sprouted rice protein

Sprouted rice protein

<p>Sprouted soy protein

Sprouted soy protein

<p>Sprouted sunflower seed protein

Sprouted sunflower seed protein

<p>Sprouted pumpkin seed protein

Sprouted pumpkin seed protein

<p>Amaranth sprouts

Amaranth sprouts

<p>Flax seed sprouts

Flax seed sprouts

Natural flavour

Flavours that have always been composed by true experts of their craft provide a naturally rounded, unbeatably good taste experience that Alpha Foods is so well known for.



<p>White chocolate

White chocolate

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1 x
200 ml

Mix 1 scoop (15 g powder) once a day with 200 ml water.

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Nutritional information
40 portions per container
Serving size
1 Scoop (15 g)
per serving
0 g
of which saturated fatty acids
0 g
4,2 g
of which sugar
1,1 g
Dietary fibre
0,5 g
8,5 g
0,3 g


Questions & answers

Vegan Protein Powder – White Chocolate Macadamia
How do I use Vegan Protein?
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Vegan Protein is easy to make with water or as a plant based drink in a shake. It can also be added to recipes for an extra protein (and flavour) boost. Breakfast bowls, protein pancakes or baking recipes – there are no limits to your imagination. The protein powder is not only heat-resistant, but contains the finest-quality coconut milk for maximum creaminess. Find inspiration on our "Recipes" page. Vegan Protein Powder is a good choice for those who want to supplement their diet with plant-based protein*. It's also great for athletes, as it aids muscle regeneration after workouts.* *Protein contributes to muscle growth.

What sets Alpha Foods apart from other vegan protein powders?
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Vegan Protein, the plant based protein powder by Alpha Foods, contains a high quality blend of different protein sources, such as sunflower seeds and rice. The combination of different plant proteins delivers a wide spectrum of amino acids for a complete protein blend with high bioavailability. The seeds and pulses are germinated prior to processing. While the natural germination process is time-consuming, this is another point that sets our Vegan Protein Powder apart from many other types. Lectin and phytic acid, two anti-nutrients that are naturally found in many plants, are split through the germination process and reduced to a minimum, which improves the digestibility of the proteins. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not use sugar or artificial additives in our protein powders. Our promise remains the same: Our products are designed to create added value for people and the planet – and we, too, want to be able to enjoy them with a clear conscience.

What does Vegan Protein - White Chocolate Macadamia taste like?
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With its gentle sweetness and soft, buttery aroma, the delicate macadamia nut is comparable to vanilla in terms of flavour. For this protein powder, we combine it with the enticing taste of white chocolate. We sweeten it naturally using stevia plant extract, which contains no calories.

Is there any safety information?
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Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Always store in a cool, dry place away from light and out of reach of children. The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded.

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Vegan Protein Powder – White Chocolate Macadamia

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Plant-based protein powder with a macadamia and white chocolate flavour & pure, natural ingredients.

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