Curcuma Pack

Curcuma Pack

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The curcuma package combines all the active ingredients of turmeric. As capsules and in a spicy-golden drink.

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Curcuma Pack

Based on the high quality turmeric directly from India and the use of the whole turmeric root. Alpha Foods' turmeric can be confirmed to have a 95%+ concentration of curcumin by conservative HPLC analysis. The active ingredients have a constant dosage at the highest quality standard.

Full-Spectrum Curcuma

120 capsules with three active ingredients from turmeric.
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Curcuma Ritual - Curcuma Powder

Curcuma powder for Golden Milk. A ritual with spicy Indian taste and physiological added value.
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Questions & answers

Curcuma Pack
What distinguishes your capsule products from other brands?

As with all Alpha Foods, we refrain from using wholesale goods, which almost always come from China or other East Asian countries, are hardly subject to quality control and have enormously fluctuating potencies. For many years, Alpha Foods have been known and appreciated throughout Germany in professional circles for the purity, potency and quality of herbal active ingredients. For our botanical product range, we confection our best raw materials - which we primarily use in our elixir powders such as the Green Mother or the Immune Elixir - as easy-to-use capsules at the request of many in the community.

Does the product contain irritants or allergens?

Our capsules and their ingredients are free from irritants and allergens, including the additives carrageenan and PEG often used in capsule products.

How does the turmeric ritual taste?

Turmeric Ritual tastes spicy-cinnamony, but milder than other turmeric powders. The essential ingredients - turmeric, cocoa and cinnamon paired with a pinch of ginger - create a unique flavour symbiosis. The turmeric ritual does not contain any sweeteners, so you can sweeten it according to your individual preferences, for example with some agave syrup.

What distinguishes your turmeric ritual?

Unlike conventional Golden Milk, our finest turmeric powder uses the highest quality raw materials imported directly from India. Our highly pure turmeric extract contains a full 95% of highly potent curcuminoids for an effective effect. With the addition of black pepper extract, the bioavailability of the curcuminoids is further increased as shown in clinical studies. Alpha Foods Turmeric Powder "Turmeric Ritual" stands not only for the power of the turmeric root, but also for a first-class taste experience: rounded off with Ceylon cinnamon from India and cocoa from Ecuador, a unique taste explosion is created.

Are there any safety instructions?

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Store out of the reach of small children. Not recommended for persons suffering from impaired liver or bile function or gallstones. Not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.

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Curcuma Pack

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The curcuma package combines all the active ingredients of turmeric. As capsules and in a spicy-golden drink.

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